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Jose A Cuesta


José Antonio Cuesta Mariscal

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Ecología y Gestión Costera

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My primary interests encompass biology, ecology, molecular phylogeny, taxonomy and larval development of decapod crustaceans (mainly crabs). In the recent and ongoing projects, I have focused on larval morphology of Thoracotremata, especially in Grapsoidea and Pinnotheroidea, in combination with molecular phylogenetics.

The main objective of our recent finished project (MEGALOPADN) was to use barcodes to identify megalopae from iberian plankton samples, and describe them. Finally with all known descriptions to construct an illustrated key for crab megalopae of the Iberian Peninsula.

In the current proyect (AFROBIV) we are studying the effects of the parasitic pea crab Afropinnotheres monodi Manning, 1993, on commercial bivalve species of the Iberian Peninsula.

Other studies have centered on larval morphology of crabs and shrimps and their relationship with the systematic of these taxa.