Three group leaders positions in the ICMAN. “Emergia call”

Three group leaders positions in the ICMAN. “Emergia call”
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Interested candidates should contact until the 25/07/2020 for details on the application process.           

Additional information of the call

 The Institute of Marine Sciences of Andalusia (ICMAN) belonging to the Spanish National Research Council is located in Puerto Real (Cádiz) in the Campus of the University of Cádiz and it is member of the Excellence International Campus CEIMAR. The aims of ICMAN are to produce new scientific knowledge to improve the management of ecosystems and marine resources and to develop an environmental sustainable aquaculture activity. The Institute has two Departments (Ecology and Coastal Management and Marine Biology and Aquaculture) and three research groups (for additional information visit

ICMAN is seeking to complement its scientific team recruiting three group leaders in areas relevant to its mission, who combines scientific excellence in the following areas:

  • The Department Ecology and Coastal Management
    • To use data from the EC Copernicus programme for investigating various coastal and marine applications along the coastal ecosystems, such as the characterization of water quality and turbidity in rivers, ports, estuaries and marshes, monitoring of red tides or harmful algal blooms, evaluation of erosion and sedimentation over highly dynamic regions, mapping of shallow water bathymetry, as well as monitoring the extent of the invasive algae Rugulopterix okamurae.  The overall objective of this position is to carry out high-level research in order to design and generate a valuable remote sensing-based tool to immediately provide accurate and up-to-date information in the context of specific objectives relevant to coastal and inland water management and to advance marine monitoring and research efforts to understand and mitigate the effects of climate change, improve decision-making and guarantee citizen security.
    Diversity, functional traits, larval ecology and interactions between species in the organization of marine benthic communities. Candidate focused on studying the effects of human-driven perturbations (i.e. pollution, invasive species) on the larval ecology of macroinvertebrates, and on biodiversity and ecosystem function of coastal assemblages. Finally, in interdisciplinary research, it is valued working and collaborating with theoretical ecologists, physicians and engineers from over the world.
  • The Department of Marine Biology and Aquaculture is interested in applying for a 4 year contract to incorporate a new junior or established group leader with scientific excellence in fundamental and applied research on fish reproduction focusing on the control of the early stages of gametogenesis at the molecular level. The interest in these studies is to generate knowledge in order 1) to develop future genetic and/or hormonal therapies to stimulate or inhibit gonadal development of fish species of interest in aquaculture improving production (e.g. increase egg production) or avoiding culture problems (e.g. precocious maturation), and 2) identify molecular markers of undifferentiated germ cell in order to develop transplantation techniques between species to facilitate the culture of problematic fish species (e.g. transplantation of germ cells from large species difficult to rear in captivity to smaller species which are easier to rear in captivity). Interested candidates should contact as soon as possible ( for details on the application process