Experimental Animals

Culture Unit

The facility for the rearing, culture and conservation of experimental animals of the ICMAN is officially registered for this purpose (REGA number ES 110280000311). It is an internal service of the Institute and its main function is to breed, house and maintain aquatic animals for scientific research. These animals are mainly various species of fishes. They are housed in the best possible conditions in accordance with both national and European standards for the protection of animals used in scientific experiments and for other scientific purposes, including teaching (Royal Decree 53/2013). Among the species currently kept are gold-banded sea bream, sea bass, sole, toadfish, mullet and zebrafish.

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Ethics Committee for Animal Experimentation – CEEA

Being a centre that makes frequent use of animals for experimentation, the ICMAN has an Ethics Committee for Animal Experimentation (CEEA-ICMAN.CSIC). This Committee was set up on 17 October 2013 to meet the requirements of the Royal Decree 53/2013 of 1 February 2013. It replaced the previous Ethics Committee for Animal Welfare (CEBA-ICMAN.CSIC) which was dissolved on the same date, having been set up in 2005 to satisfy the requirements of the Royal Decree 1201/2005, since abrogated.

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