The Institute for Marine Sciences of Andalusia is located on the “Rio San Pedro” Campus of the University of Cadiz, within the municipal boundaries of Puerto Real. It is about 1km from the town centre, and 7km from the Provincial capital, Cadiz.

This Campus also houses the Faculties of Science, Marine and Environmental Sciences, Naval and Civil Marine Engineering, together with the School for the Sciences of Education. In its immediate surroundings are the Pine Woods of La Algaida and the Salt Marshes of the river San Pedro, areas incorporated in the Bay of Cadiz Nature Park.


Instituto de Ciencias Marinas de Andalucia (ICMAN)
Campus Universitario Río San Pedro s/n
Rio San Pedro 11519
Pto. Real - Cádiz · Spain.
Coordenadas: 36.532210, -6.210248

How to reach the Institute

By bus

Consorcio de Transportes Bahía de Cádiz

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By rail

Renfe Cercanías, Cádiz, University station

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