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Julián Blasco and Antonio Tovar-Sánchez present ‘Marine Analytical Chemistry’
By Administrador Intranet Icman In News Posted 7 December, 2022 0 Comments
Julián Blasco and Antonio Tovar-Sánchez, from ICMAN-CSIC present ‘Marine Analytical Chemistry’ This textbook offers a comprehensive and authoritative introduction to the latest analytical methods, tools and techniques used in the marine environment, bringing together the two fields of chemical oceanography and analytical chemistry. Divided into 11 chapters, the book starts with an overview of the […]
The CSIC successfully tests the effectiveness of drones for research in Antarctica
By Administrador Intranet Icman In News Posted 11 November, 2021 0 Comments
  An article published today in the science journal ‘Scientific Reports’ confirms the ability of drones to sample waters in inaccessible areas; develop thematic maps of penguins’ roosting sites as well as thermal maps in fumaroles and 3D videos of geological structures, among other applications. All this with minimal impact on Antarctic flora and fauna […]
Monitoring the Mediterranean
By Administrador Intranet Icman In News Posted 10 January, 2020 0 Comments
On December 11th, a mooring line containing autonomous sensors for the continuous measurement of oceanographic variables in the Mediterranean Sea was deployed in the Strait of Gibraltar. The installed devices will register physical and biogeochemical properties in the Mediterranean water outflow that leaves the basin through the Strait on its way out to the North […]
Kick-off of EU Horizon 2020 project COMFORT
By Administrador Intranet Icman In News Posted 8 October, 2019 0 Comments
 Our safe operating spaces for our common future ocean in the Earth system What are our safe operating spaces for the ocean? This is the starting question for the new EU Horizon 2020 project COMFORT.  The COMFORT project sets out to quantify coupled cycles of carbon, oxygen and nutrients for determining and achieving safe operating […]
Dr. Jullián Blasco and the Prof. Dr. Ilaria Corsi publish the book “Ecotoxicology of Nanoparticles in Aquatic Systems”
By Administrador Intranet Icman In News Posted 5 September, 2019 0 Comments
Dr. Jullián Blasco, scientist of ICMAN-CSIC and the Prof. Dr. Ilaria Corsi of University of Siena, have published the book “Ecotoxicology of Nanoparticles in Aquatic Systems” (CRPC Press-Taylor and Francis Group). This book explores the use of nanoparticles related to their occurrence in the environment, their impact on biota in aquatic systems, application of new […]
The ICMAN´s research scientist Antonio Tovar has been selected to represent Spain in the marine working group of the International Arctic Science Committee (IASC)
The International Arctic Science Committee (IASC) is an international non-governmental scientific organization whose objective is to support and facilitate cooperation in all aspects related to Arctic research, between all countries with research interest in the Arctic and in all areas of the Arctic region.   The main objectives of the marine working group are to […]