Monthly Archives: June 2018

Special section of Sardines in the VII Congress of the Iberian Society for Ichthyology SIBIC 2018
A recent study entitled “Importance of the Gulf of Cádiz as a nursery for small pelagic fish Sardina pilchardus“  by Enrique González-Ortegón at ICMAN-CSIC, and in collaboration with IEO-Cádiz, IFAPA-Toruño and IPMA showed interesting results about environmental forcing affecting the advection of sardine early stages to the one of its main nursery area, the western […]
Sources and coastal distribution of dissolved organic matter in the Gulf of Cadiz
An study carried out by several institutions (CSIC, IEO, IFAPA and UCA ) in the framework of the National project OCAL (INTEGRATED OCEANOGRAPHY OF THE GULF OF CÁDIZ IN A CONTEXT OF GLOBAL CHANGE) shows how important are the connection of wetland areas with the adjacent ecosystems (estuaries or coastline) and the role of plankton […]